Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ  page. Below are some answers to some frequently asked questions regarding lifestyle coaching, if you question is not answered here please feel free to reach out to me or ask a question on my Facebook page

Coaching is a process of  assisting a person to make positive improvements in their life over a period of time. These improvements can involve, aligning the person with their life’s purpose. Setting goals and milestones. Designing strategies to achieve these goals, and identifying limiting beliefs or negative behaviour patterns. It is also being a source of motivation throughout this journey.

In Short. All kinds of people from all walks of life hire success coaches. Anyone who is looking to improve their  current situation, or make positive changes in one or more areas of their life would benefit from having a success coach. 

No. Coaching is not a replacement for therapy. If you are suffering from a clinical mental condition you should consult a qualified medical practitioner.  

The difference between coaching and consulting is that coaching is not advice giving  or mentoring. A coach simply helps you to look at situations from a different perspective, and motivates you to form positive strategies and behaviours that are aligned with your goals.

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